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From diamond sensors to the prevention of childhood cancers: Innovation projects supported by UiB’s idea verification program UiB idé.

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Ingvild Festervoll Melien

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The University of Bergen is running the third edition of UiB idé, an annual idea verification program that allows students and researchers from all faculties and disciplines to seek support for their innovation ideas. UiB has a broad and inclusive approach to the innovation framework; one that builds on new knowledge to address and solve a societal need. With its 20.000 students and nearly 3.000 researchers, UiB is in its core a wellspring of ideas and inventiveness. Supported by the surrounding innovation ecosystem, UiB idé aims to harness this source and initiate the first step in turning an idea to an innovation.

The event will showcase past, present and planned UiB idé projects. We will hear about rescue devices for extreme climate conditions, educational gaming, cancer research, a new approach to disease diagnostics, social networks, biomaterials and bioreactors, marine habitats, AI-supported linguistic training, alternative food production, and more.

We welcome you to be inspired by some of UiB’s most creative minds and hope to see you at the Eitri Medical Incubator for a firework of ideas, food and discussion.