LGBTIQ-Living Conditions 2020

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Bilde av tidligere levekårundersøkelser på lhbt-feltet i Norge

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Norman Anderssen, Professor, Department of Psychosocial Science, University of Bergen

Helga Eggebø, Senior Researcher, Nordland Research Institute

Elisabeth Stubberud, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, NTNU

LGBTIQ – Living Conditions 2020

The project “LGBTIQ – Living Conditions 2020” consituted the fourth nation wide investigation among LGBTIQ- groups (with the reports “Alskens folk” and “Sexual Orientation and Living Conditions” as the third). The aim in 2020 was to assess living conditions broadly defined, within each of the LGBTI-groups, and in comparison with cis- and heterosexual counterparts.


The project group - information from the project period

The project group was multidisciplinary (Sociology, Media Studies, and Psychology), and the members came from three research institutions – University of Bergen, Nordland Research Institute, and NTNU.


About "LGBTIQ"

LGBTIQ is a collective term for various groups based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and variation in bodily gender development. The LGBTIQ term is developing.

Research output
Bilde av regnbueflagg

Project results from LGBTIQ-Living Conditions 2020

The project included a national survey, an interview study on queer life courses and a report on identity politics and discourses on intersex based on interviews and workshops with people with variation in bodily gender development.