National Mathematicians meeting in Bergen

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Bryggen i Bergen

A National Meeting for Mathematicians will take place in Bergen, September 13-14th, 2018, where all faculty and emeriti at UiB, UiO, NTNU, UiT and UiS, including  PhD-students, are  invited. The meeting is sponsored by Bergen Research Foundation (BFS), Tromsø Research Foundation (TFS) and the Norwegian Mathematical Society (NMF) and marks at the same time the centennial anniversary of the society.

The meeting will include both plenary talks and talks in three parallel sessions. An additional meeting only for PHD-students will be held on September 12th.

The deadline for registration is June 15th through the registration form. Because of limited space, it is unfortunately not possible to register anymore.


Bjørn Dundas        (UiB)
Snorre Christiansen (UiO)
Berit Stensønes     (NTNU)
Christian Skau      (NTNU)


Inga Berre          (UiB)
Sofia Tirabassi     (UiB)
Dag Tjøstheim       (UiB)
Antonella Zanna     (UiB)
Valentin Lychagin   (UiT)
Martin Rypdal       (UiT)
Giulia Di Nunno   (UiO)
Nadia Larsen        (UiO)
Karsten Trulsen     (UiO)
Paul Arne Østvær    (UiO)
Ragnar Winther        (UiO) 
Andrii Bondarenko   (NTNU)
Mats Ehrnström      (NTNU)
Steffen Oppermann   (NTNU)
Gereon Quick        (NTNU)
Andrea Ingeborg Riebler (NTNU)
Michal Kapustka     (UiS)
Alexander Rashkovskii  (UiS)

Organising committee: Andreas Leopold Knutsen, Irina Markina, Morten Brun, Shirin Fallahi, Magnus Røen Vodrup (UiB), Petter A. Bergh, Kristian Seip (NTNU)