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Supervision agreement for master's studies

Supervision agreement for master's studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

When you have been admitted to a master's program, you must enter into a supervision agreement with your supervisor and the department. You will find all regulations and guidelines that form the framework for the master's program on this page.

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The candidate and the supervisor(s) must familiarise themselves with the rules, regulations and guidelines that apply at all times for supervision, study progress (delays, part-time, leave of absence, etc.), copyright, ethical guidelines and other matters concerning the master's program.

On this page you will find links to important and relevant websites:

Use of sources, citation and permitted examination support materials

By signing the supervision agreement, you confirm that you have read all information about the permitted examination support materials, the use of sources in written work and the citation rules. You also confirm that you are aware of the consequences incorrect use may entail. Read more on these websites:

Agreement with external company or institution

The master's project can be done in collaboration with a company or an institution outside UiB. In this case, a collaboration agreement must be entered into between the department and the external company or institution. This agreement states the student's rights, and describes the university's and the external institution's rights and obligations related to the master's project.

This agreement is to be completed in consultation with the supervisor.

Open access to the master's thesis

Master’s theses are an important contribution to Norwegian research, and UiB’s policy is, that research should be openly available. UiB encourages all master's students to publish their thesis in BORA (the Open Research Archive at UiB).

You can agree to publish your thesis in BORA when you submit it for assessment in Studentweb. Both the supervisor and the student must agree to publish the thesis (§ 10 in Supplementary regulations for degree programmes at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences). You can also choose to make your thesis available at a later stage, or you can withdraw the thesis from BORA, if it is not possible to make it available for a period, e.g. due to ongoing research projects.