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UiB at the Forefront of Arctic Research in Norway and Worldwide

A recent report from the University of the Arctic recognizes the University of Bergen as Norway's most influential university and a global leader in Arctic research.

Isklump i Isfjorden foran isfjell ved Ilulissat, Grønland.
Håvard Kroken Holme/ UiB

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- We are proud to see the University of Bergen highlighted as the highest-ranked institution in Norway and among the leading international institutions in Arctic research. This recognition is a result of our researchers' dedication and efforts to explore the complex challenges in the Arctic. Our ambition is to continue being a significant contributor to the knowledge and understanding of this critical region through innovative research and interdisciplinary collaboration across borders, says UiB Rector Margareth Hagen.

The report 'Arctic Research Trends Bibliometrics 2016-2022' was recently published by the University of the Arctic (UArctic). The report highlights UiB as the university with the most influential research among Norwegian universities. It is not about quantity or the number of research articles published. The impact is measured by the number of citations the research has received, indicating the degree to which others refer to and use the research. Here, UiB is the best in Norway.

UiB conducts extensive research activities worldwide and is active in the Arctic, Antarctic, Barents Sea, Southern Ocean, South Georgia, Greenland, and Svalbard. Watch the video from when UiB conducted its first Ilulissat Science Forum and opened the meeting place ILLU Science & Art Hub in October.

Ilulissat Science Forum and opening of ILLU Science and Art Hub

EXCERPT FROM THE REPORT: Figure 14 in the 'Arctic Research Trends Bibliometrics 2016-2022' illustrates the most influential universities worldwide in Arctic research, measured by the number of times the research has been cited.

Håvard Kroken Holme/ UiB