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Additional studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers their students to apply for an additional studies admission. This post student status is a time-limited study admission you can apply for after a completed bachelor's or master's degree from this faculty.

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Additional studies admission is an offer of extended enrolment for those who have completed a degree at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and wish to continue to take courses for a period of time. When and how many times you can apply depends on whether you have completed an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree.

You can apply for additional studies admission through Søknadsweb. Søknadsweb accepts applications from the 1st of June (admission for the autumn semester) and the 1st of December (admission for the spring semester). Choose the admission called "poststudenter" and then the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


  • 15th of August for the autumn semester
  • 15th of January for the spring semester

If you plan to take subjects that have limited capacity you have to apply at least 2 days before the deadline for class registration to be guaranteed admission (if you are qualified).

Admission process

  1. Register your application in Søknadsweb.
  2. You application will be processed continuously and you will be informed on email about the result. Please note that we in some cases must wait until the results from your last exams are ready before we can process the application (this is especially true for students applying immediately after they have completed a degree).
  3. Once you have received an offer for an additional study admission you must accept the offer of admission in Søknadsweb.
  4. After you have accepted the offer of admission we will update your study right and you will be notified about in a email. Please note that this process may take longer time during public holidays.
  5. Pay the semester fee and register for the subjects before the deadline 1 September/1 February. Please note that subjects with limited capacity have an earlier deadline for registration.

Completed a bachelor’s degree

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree can apply for additional studies admission in the time frame until the next general admission through the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (Samordna opptak):

  • Completed a bachelor's degree in the spring semester: two semesters of additional enrolment (fall and spring)
  • Completed a bachelor's degree in the fall semester: one semester (spring)

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree can only apply for extended enrolment once and have to apply for uptake in the semester directly following the semester they completed their degree.

If you want to continue studying at the University of Bergen after the completion of the extended enrolment, you must apply for a new admission through NUCAS (Samordna opptak). If applicable, you can apply for a master's degree programme through Søknadsweb.

Completed a master’s degree/PhD

Students who have completed a Master’s degree or a PhD can be enroled for additional studies for an unlimited number of times, but for one semester at the time.

Residence permit

You can only use the additional studies admission as a student status if you have a residence permit. If you do not have a residence permit, you must apply for this. Residence permit is given to students admitted to an undergraduate or master's programme. You will not get a residence permit based on the additional studies admission alone.