Ocean Science Bar: An expedition with OceanExplorer into the deep ocean – Living the marine scientists dream

Ocean scientists and others are invited to Ocean Science Bar at Statsraaden Bar & Reception - Thursday 31st of August at 19:00 with bar open before, during and after.

Submarine OceanExplorer
In the next Ocean Science Bar, researchers will present what they found in the deep sea.
Øyvind Fiksen

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This summer the OceanExplorer - maybe the most advanced research vessel in the world - visited Bergen, and took 15 researchers from the University of Bergen for 8 days to the Norwegian Sea, Sognefjorden, and Masfjorden.

In this Ocean Science Bar, the researchers present what they found in the deep sea, what they brought back, and what they learned from this spectacular cruise.
Ocean Science Bar is a collaboration between Statsraad Lehmkuhl, the University of Bergen, the Institute of Marine Research, NORCE, and the Nansen Center. We will present popular highlights from our research, discuss current issues related to the ocean and marine research, and provide a social meeting point for researchers and others interested in the ocean.

The presentations and discussions are held in English. Everyone is welcome!