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Nye Allégaten 64

Nygårdshøyden South – a science powerhouse

At Nygårdshøyden South, UiB wants to create an academic environment and infrastructure that supports high-level research and education. The development of Norway’s new technology, mathematics and natural science centre at Nygårdshøyden South is vital to securing first-class Norwegian research and education within these fields in the coming years.

The main aspects of our vision: 

  1. Science power on a modern campus.  
  2. Innovation hub that connects society, businesses, students and research communities.  

This is what is planned:

  1. Realfagbygget will be rehabilitated.
  2. Fysikkbygget will be rehabilitated.
  3. The auditorium building will be demolished.
  4. More space will be made available in Realfagbygget.
  5. The Department of Informatics will move from Fysikkbygget
  6. A new building will be built in Allégaten 64.

Here you can read a little bit about our vision for this project.

If you want to know more, take a look at our Norwegian language pages for Nygårdshøyden South, or contact us directly.