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PROCOD - results are in!

PROCOD, an NFR-financed project to evaluate the effects of early feeding protocols in cod production, finished the final sampling in mid-March 2009.

Nearly three years after first-feeding with natural zooplankton or enriched...
Nearly three years after first-feeding with natural zooplankton or enriched rotifers: the effects are still evident

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These nearly 3-year-old cod are the final sample of fish that were fed with either natural zooplankton or enriched rotifers during the larval hatchery stage. These fish were individually tagged as juveniles, and have been raised to a size of approximately 3kg in cages at Austevoll Aquaculture Research Station (IMR). Their growth, development, and biochemical composition has been monitored through regular sampling

The PROCOD project has been a cooperation between commercial partners and scientific institutes, funded by NFR. Professor Albert Imsland from Akvaplan-niva, and a prof II at BIO, has been the project leader. Roland Koedijk will defend his PhD based on PROCOD results in June.