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Are you traveling with your partner/spouse? We have gathered information about some key points to help you plan your stay together.

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Membership in the Social Insurance Scheme

Check what NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) states about stays abroad if you're not working. If you do not have sufficient service time in the NIS or the stay exceeds 12 months, the requirement for the national insurance contribution may be waived, even for voluntary membership in the National Insurance Scheme. Therefore, it's recommended to contact NAV early on to clarify the applicable rules for the accompanying partner.


Residence permits for partners/spouses depend on the regulations of the host country. In many countries, visas are not granted for spouses/partners unless they are married. This might apply even if you have common children. Hence, get in touch with the host institution to ascertain the rules that apply in your situation.

Employment in the Host Country

In many countries, partners/spouses are not allowed to work when arriving on a "spouse visa." Make sure to research the regulations associated with your visa in the host country.

If your partner intends to work in the host country, it's essential to investigate whether they need a work permit. Depending on the nationality, partners with EU/EEA nationalities  have automatic work permits in the EU/EEA. Partners with non-EU/EEA citizenship must investigate whether they need a work permit.

Additionally, if your partner has a professional degree, the lack of local recognition might hinder them from practicing their profession during the stay.

Note that there are separate rules for working from home abroad. Refer to NAV for regulations regarding remote work. (nav.no)