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Alicia Donnellan Barraclough

POST DOCTOR, Postdoctoral Researcher

I am an interdisciplinary researcher who studies socioecological systems from a multitude of perspectives. My background in academic plant ecology, and my practical experience in community organization, grassroots movements and environmental outreach, has given me a rich understanding of the importance of connecting diverse fields if we are to rise to the challenges and opportunities presented by the Anthropocene. Since completing my PhD on mangrove ecology in 2018 and spending a year working as a conservation practitioner, my research has turned towards the study of sustainability science and socioecological systems. 

I am associated to the UNESCO Chair at UiB, and my work focuses on UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserves as testing sites for sustainability. My research is informed by resilience and complex adaptive system thinking, which provide the backdrop for investigating examples of biosphere stewardship across the globe. My work includes aspects of sociecological system network analysis, ecosystem services trade-off analysis and sustainable development goal implementation research, as well as group process facilitation and environmental ethics.