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Antonella Zanna

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Numerical Analysis/Geometric Integration

Image processing


MAT121(Lineær algebra/Linear algebra)

MNF130(Diskrete strukturar/Discrete mathematics)

MAT160(Beregningsalgoritmer/Numerical analysis 1)

MAT213(Funkskjonsteori/Complex analysis)

MAT252(Klassisk og beregningsorientert mekanikk/ Classical and computational mechanics)

MAT261(Numerisk lineæralgebra/Numerial linear algebra)

MAT262(Bildebehandling/Image processing)

MNF262(Innføringskurs i bildebehandling og visualisering)


Master students:

PhD Student:

Research associates:

  • Åsmund Kjørstad, image segmentation of the kidney
  • Erik Hanson, medical image processing
  • Aurora Campo, image processing for biology, stereological methods.


  • Ilan Degani (2006-2009), quantum control.
  • Erlend Hodneland (2010-2011), image registration.


Journal articles
  • Hanson, Erik Andreas; Hodneland, Erlend; Lorentzen, Rolf Johan; Nævdal, Geir; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Sævareid, Ove; Zanna, Antonella. 2019. Mathematics and Medicine: How mathematics, modelling and simulations can lead to better diagnosis and treatments. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering. 126: 66-82. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-96415-7_4
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Reports and theses
  • Zanna, Antonella. 2006. Issues in postgraduate supervision : a gender aspect. Program for læringsforskning, Universitetet i Bergen. 9 pages.
Book sections
  • Munthe-Kaas, Antonella Zanna. 2011. Generalized polar decompositions in control. Artikkel, pages 123-134. In:
    • Santana, Ana Paula. 2011. Textos de matemática : mathematical papers in honour of Fátima Silva Leite. ISBN: 978-972-8564-47-6.
  • Hodneland, Erlend; Ystad, Martin Andreas; Haasz, Judit; Munthe-Kaas, Antonella Zanna; Lundervold, Arvid. 2010. Automated workflow for spatial alignment of multimodal MR image acquisitions in a longitudinal study of cognitive aging. artikkel, pages 264-269. In:
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    • Ek, Johan. 1996. Barnesykdommer. Universitetsforlaget. ISBN: 82-00-41572-4.

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NFR Frinatek no. 262203 “Flow based interpretation of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced imaging” (2017-2021)


Ended projects:

Cody: Computational Dynamics (2006-2009)

NFR no. 191178/V30, GeNuIn: Geometric Numeric Integration in Applications. (NFR, 2009-2012)

MedViz: From Vision to Decision

CRiSP (EU, 2011-2013)

NFR no. 208081 DAADppp Bergen-Lübeck, "Explicit Modelling in DCE-MRI" (2011-2012)

UiB-Meltzer  "Imagina -- Multimodal image alignment" (2011-2012)

UiB-SPIRE "Modelling and Quantification in DCE-MRI" (2013-2014)