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Jørgen Barth

Kaja Skoftedalen

PhD Candidate, Centre for International Health

The overarching focus of this PhD project within Critical Medical Anthropology is to explore social dimensions of maternal health in Southeastern Tanzania. I am interested in dynamics between different actors' perspectives on pregnancy and birth, health and illness, and what is seen as constituting good maternal health. I will explore how women navigate political and cultural expectations of where and how they should give birth, and their experiences with health facilities and health workers. I will also investigate how relatives and other community members become involved in reporting processes after maternal deaths and severe complications in connection to childbirth.

I will carry out long-term anthropological fieldwork over a period of 12 months. I will use an ethnographic approach based on participant observation, informal conversations and in-depth interviews.

My PhD is part of the interdisciplinary NFR project Reporting in context: An interdisciplinary initiative to strengthen maternal health services and surveillance in Ethiopia and Tanzania (MATRISET), headed by Astrid Blystad.


  • Spring 2021: SANT260 (Bachelor's essay)


  • Autumn 2020: guest lecturer in SANT150
  • Autumn 2018: mini lecture in SANT105

Teaching assistant

Skoftedalen, Kaja. 2017. Governing Rural Health: Making Manageable Citizens in Colca Valley, Peru. Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen. 136 pages.

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