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Karl Harald Søvig

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Biomedical law and social law, constitutional law and administrative law.


- Provision of welfare to irregular migrants - a multilevel approach (lecture on Bergen Summer Research School 2011), Presentation to be found here

Selected publications. This selection includes contributions in English or with a summary or abstract in English. For a full list, see http://www.uib.no/personer/Karl.Sovig)

• Karl Harald Søvig and Marit Skivenes, "Judicial discretion and the child's best interests: the European Court of Human Rights on adoptions in child protection cases", in Elaine Sutherland and Lesley-Anne Barnes Macfarlane, Implementing Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Cambridge University Press 2016, pp. 341-357

• Karl Harald Søvig and Marit Skivenes, "Norway - Child welfare decision-making in cases of removals of children", in Kenneth Burns et al (eds.) Child Welfare Removals by the State. A Cross-Country Analysis of Decision-Making Systems, Oxford University Press 2016, pp. 40-64

• Medical Law – Norway, in Internatinal Encyclopedia of Law (series editor Herman Nys), Wolters Kluwer 2016, 145 pp

• Detention of pregnant women to protect the foetus, in E. Rynning & M. Hartlev (eds.), Nordic Health Law in a European Context (Liber/Brill, 2011) pp. 158-180

• Provision of Health Services to Irregular Migrants with a Special Focus on Children, European Journal of Health Law, vol. 18 (2011) p. 43-54

• Tvang overfor rusmiddelavhengige («Coercive measures against alcohol- an drug addicts» (Fagbokforlaget 2007, 476 pages) with a summary in English




Education: 2005

University of Bergen, Faculty of Law (Dr. jur.)



University of Bergen, Faculty of Law (Cand.jur.)


Employment: 1996- Various positions faculty of law. From 2009 as professor.

2003- Ad hoc chairman («fylkesnemndsleder»), County Board for Social Affairs and Child Care (part time).



Temporary judge («konstituert lagdommer»), High Court of Gulating.



Temporary judge («konstituert tingrettsdommer»), District Court of Midhordland.



Deputy judge («dommerfullmektig»), District Court of Midhordland

Affiliations and current various positions:

  • Leader of the research school in law, University of Bergen.
  • Vice Chair of the European Association of Health Law (EAHL)
  • Member of the The Nordic Network for Research in Biomedical Law (chaired by Mette Hartlev)
  • Guest professor at Faculty of Law, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Jilin, China

PROVIR: Provision of Welfare to 'Irregular Migrants'). Project funded by the Norwegian Research Council) chaired by dr. Christine M. Jacobsen at Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies (Uni Rokkan Centre).