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New CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue on Tropical Atlantic Ocean Observing System (TAOS)

Current research interest

  • Decadal variability and predictability of climate
  • Tropical interannual climate variability and predictability
  • Extra-tropical ocean-atmosphere interaction
  • Super climate modelling
  • Climate-based predictions of marine ecosystems

Master projects

I can offer the following potential master thesis topics:

  • Why is the ITCZ North of the Equator? (Noel Keenlyside, Nils Gunnar Kvamstø)
  • Variability and predictability of the Atlantic Niño (Noel Keenlyside, Shunya Koseki)
  • Atlantic decadal variability and prediction (Noel Keenlyside, Francois Counillon) 
  • Climate Services (Noel Keenlyside)

You can read more information here, or please contact me by email.

Five recent publications

  1. Schevenhoven, F., N. Keenlyside, .... (2023), Supermodeling: improving predictions with an ensemble of interacting models, BAMS, E1670–E1686
  2. Koseki, S., J. Tjiputra, F. Fransner, L. R. Crespo, and N. S. Keenlyside (2023), Disentangling the impact of Atlantic Niño on sea-air CO2 flux, Nature Communications, 14(1), 3649, 10.1038/s41467-023-38718-9.
  3. Fransner, F., A. Olsen, M. Årthun, F. Counillon, J. Tjiputra, A. Samuelsen, and N. Keenlyside, 2023: Phytoplankton abundance in the Barents Sea is predictable up to five years in advance. Communications Earth & Environment, 4, 141.
  4. Nnamchi, H. C., R. Farneti, N. S. Keenlyside, F. Kucharski, M. Latif, A. Reintges, and T. Martin, 2023: Pan-Atlantic decadal climate oscillation linked to ocean circulation. Communications Earth & Environment, 4, 121
  5. Crespo, L. R., A. Prigent, N. Keenlyside, S. Koseki, L. Svendsen, I. Richter, and E. Sánchez-Gómez (2022), Weakening of the Atlantic Niño variability under global warming, Nat. Clim. Change, 10.1038/s41558-022-01453-y

Book chapters

Master projects

I can offer the following potential master thesis topics:

  • The Indian summer monsoon in the Norwegian earth system model (Lea Svendsen, Noel Keenlyside)
  • Why is the ITCZ North of the Equator? (Noel Keenlyside, Nils Gunnar Kvamstø)
  • Variability and predictability of the Atlantic Niño (Noel Keenlyside, Shunya Koseki)
  • Atlantic decadal variability and prediction (Noel Keenlyside, Francois Counillon) 
  • Marine heatwaves, their predictability and implications to Norwegian fishery (Jana Sillman (CICERO), Noel Keenlyside)
  • Hemispheric atmospheric wave resonance and the effect on Nordic energy production (Noel Keenlyside, Tarjei Breiteig (Agder Energi))

You can read more information here, or please contact me by email.


GEOF348: Advanced Climate Dynamics


GEOF327: The General Circulation of the Atmosphere

GEOF212Physical Climatology

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Submitted manuscripts

  • Cai, W., .... , N.S. Keenlyside, ..... (2024), Impact of El Niño-Southern Oscillation on African climate, submitted
  • Drews, A., T. Schmith, T. Tian, Y. Wang, M. Devilliers, N. S. Keenlyside, S. Yang, S. M. Olsen (2024) The Crucial Role of the Subpolar North Atlantic for Skillful Decadal Climate Predictions, submitted to GRL
  • Tian, F., N. Keenlyside, I. Bethke, P. Fernández, S. Koseki, F. Li (2024) Resolution-Dependent Sensitivity of Tropical Precipitation and Latent Heat Flux in the NorESM Model, submitted to JAMES
  • Tomety, F. S., S. Illig, M. Ostrowski, F. M. Awo, M.-L. Bachèlery, N. Keenlyside, and M. Rouault (2024), Long-term climatological trends driving the recent 1 warming along the Angolan and Namibian coasts, submitted
  • Koseki, S., L. R. Crespo, J. Tjiputra, F. Fransner, N. S. Keenlyside, and D. Rivas (2023) Research articleAssessing the tropical Atlantic biogeochemical processes in the Norwegian Earth System Model, submitted
  • Rodriguez-Fonseca, B., ... N. Keenlyside, ... (2024) ENSO Impact on marine ecosystems and fisheries in the tropical and South Atlantic, NREE, submitted
  • Semenov, V., T. A. Aldonina, F. Li, N. S. Keenlyside, and L. Wang (2023) Arctic sea ice variations in the first half of the 20th century: a new reconstruction based on hydrometeorological data, AAS, submitted
  • Imbol Koungue, R., P. Brandt, A. Prigent, L. Costa Aroucha, J. Lübbecke; A. S. N. Imbol Nkwinkwa, M. Dengler, N. Keenlyside (2023) Drivers and impact of the 2021 extreme warm event in the tropical Angolan upwelling system, submitted
  • Nair, A, F. Counillon, N. Keenlyside, A Global Land Reanalysis System with the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model: NorCPM-Land, submitted
  • Omrani, N.-E., S. W. Lubis, N. Keenlyside, F. Ogawa (2022) Response of Northern Hemisphere stratospheric polar night jet to climate change: key role of tropical Ocean and diffusive mixing, submitted
  • Rodrıguez-Fonseca, B., I. Polo, E. Mohino, T. Losada, M. Martın-Rey, C.R. Mechoso,  N. Keenlyside (2021) Multidecadal Modulation of Tropical Atlantic Impacts on ENSO, submitted
  • Crespo, L. R., S. Koseki, N. Keenlyside and Y.-C. He (2021). Thermodynamic ocean-atmosphere interactions control the equatorial Atlantic seasonal cycle, npj Climate and Atmospheric Science: submitted.


  1. Sarre, A., P. Brehmer, H. Demarcq, N. Keenlyside, and others, 2024: Spatial shift of small pelagic fish as early warning for food security in North-West Africa. accepted
  2. Garcia-Oliva, L., F. Counillon, I. Bethke, N. Keenlyside (2024) Intercomparison of initialization methods for Seasonal-to-Decadal Climate Predictions with the NorCPM, accepted
  3. Steenbeek, J ..... N. Keenlyside, (2024) Making ecosystem modelling operational - a novel distributed execution framework to systematically explore ecological responses to divergent climate trajectories, Earth's Future, 12, e2023EF004295. https://doi.org/10.1029/2023EF004295
  4. Ogilvie, A., L. King, N. Keenlyside, .... (2024), Recent Ventures in Interdisciplinary Arctic Research: The ARCPATH Project. Adv. Atmos. Sci. (2024). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00376-023-3333-x
  5. Wu, J., H. Fan, S. Lin, W. Zhong, S. He, N. Keenlyside, and S. Yang, (2024) Boosting effect of strong western pole of the Indian Ocean Dipole on the decay of El Niño events, npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 7, 6, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41612-023-00554-5 
  6. Chandra, A., N. Keenlyside, L. Svendsen, A. Singh (2024), Processes driving subseasonal variations of upper Ocean Heat Content in the equatorial Indian Ocean, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 129, e2023JC020074. https://doi.org/10.1029/2023JC020074
  7. Paolini, L. F., N.-E. Omrani, A. Bellucci, P. J. Athanasiadis, P. Ruggieri, C. R. Patrizio, N. Keenlyside (2024) Non-stationarity in the NAO–Gulf Stream SST front interaction, 37, 1629–1650, https://doi.org/10.1175/JCLI-D-23-0476.1
  8. Zheng, Y., N. Keenlyside, S. Li, S. He, and L. Suo (2024), Projecting Spring Consecutive Rainfall Events in the Three Gorges Reservoir based on Treble-Nested dynamical downscaling. Adv. Atmos. Sci., https://doi.org/10.1007/s00376-023-3118-2
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  13. O'kane, T., ..... N. Keenlyside, ...... 2023: Recent applications and potential of near-term (interannual to decadal) climate predictions, Front. Clim., 5, 10.3389/fclim.2023.1121626
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Book chapters (peer reviewed)

Non-peer-reviewed publications


2023-2024, EU ERC Proof of Concept, Towards Operational Supermodel Climate Prediction (TOSCP)

2022-2026, EU Horizon Europe, Impetus4Change (I4C): Improving Near-Term Climate Predictions For Societal Transformation

2022-2026, NFR CHINOR, Accelerated Arctic and Tibetan Plateau Warming: Processes and Combined Impact on Eurasian Climate (COMBINED)

2022-2026, BCCR strategic project, Proxy Assimilation for Reconstructing Climate and Improving Model (PARCIM)

2021-2023, Russian MEGAGRANT, Climate predictability in Northern Eurasia: revealingmechanisms of variability to improve skill

2021-2025, EU H2020, NextGEMS - Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems

2021-2023, EU H2020, MSCA IF BENGUP - Climate and marine-ecosystem predictions in the Angola-Benguela Upwelling System

2020-2028, RCN SFI Climate Futures

2019-2023, EU H2020, South and Tropical Atlantic Climate-Based Marine Ecosystem Prediction for Sustainable Management (TRIATLAS)

2018-2023, Trond Mohn Foundation, Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit (BCPU)

2020-2023, JPI Climate JPI Oceans, The Role of Ocean Dynamics and Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in Driving Climate Variations and Future Projections of Impact-Relevant Extreme Events (ROADMAP)

2020-2023, JPI Climate JPI Oceans, Improving the representation of small-scale nonlinear ocean-atmosphere interactions in Climate Models by an innovative joint observing and modelling approaches (EUREC4AOA)

2020-2023, Belmont Forum, Rapid Arctic environmental Changes: implications for well-being, resilience and Evolution of Arctic communities (RACE)

Previous projects that I have led

2015-2021, ERC Consolidator Grant, Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate prediction (STERCP)

2014-2016 NordForsk TRI, Impact of Future Cryospheric Changes on Northern Hemisphere. Climate, Green Growth and Society (GREENICE)

2013-2017 NFR, Enhancing seasonal-to-decadal Prediction Of Climate for the North Atlantic Sector and Arctic (EPOCASA)

2014-2017 EU FP7, Enhancing prediction of Tropical Atlantic climate and its impacts (PREFACE)

2008-2013 Emmy Noether research group funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG): "Mechanisms and predictability of North Atlantic Decadal Climate variability"


How predictable is climate? Answering this question is my long-term research goal and that of my research group—Climate Dynamics and Predictability Laboratory

About me

I am a climate researcher with a broad range of interests that extend from climate dynamics to understand the impacts of climate on marine ecosystems, and to the development of climate services. I received a PhD in meteorology from Monash University in 2002. I am a professor in Tropical Meteorology at the University of Bergen since 2011. Prior to this I worked in German at the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology (2001-2003) and at GEOMAR (2003-2011). I have received prestigious the German Research Foundation (DFG) Emmy Noether Award, the European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant, and a Mega-grant of the Government of the Russian Federation. I am currently co-chair of the WCRP CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel. I have led major national and international projects, including from the European Union, NordForsk, Resarch Council of Norway, and the Trond Mohn Foundation.

My research focuses on the role of the ocean in climate system, with studies on ocean-atmosphere interaction in all of the ocean basins and from diurnal to centennial timescales. To gain a deeper understanding of climate dynamics I combine numerical models (conceptual to full complexity Earth System Models) and observations, using advanced statistical analysis and novel experimental designs. Among my key achievements is to be the first to show that North Atlantic climate could be predicted on decadal timescales (Keenlyside et al., Nature, 2008), a result that helped initiate the field of near-term climate prediction. I have led the development of the Norwegian Prediction model and of novel approaches to reduce model systematic error (i.e., supermodelling). I have a great interest in interdisciplinary research, and have collaborated with ecologists, social anthropologists, climate historians, political scientists and economists. I have also played a leading role in the development of applied research in the field of climate services (e.g., SFI Climate Futures). 

My group

My research group is mainly supported by external funding (projects indicated in brackets) 

PhD students

  • Ashneel Chandra (UiB, Ocean States)
  • Hsin-Yu Chu (Climate Futures)
  • Lilian Carolina Garcia Oliva (UiB/NERSC, BCPU)
  • Marianne Williams-Kerslake (NERSC, PRIMA)

Postdoctoral Scientists

  • Akhilesh Nair (Climate Futures)
  • Fangxing Tian (NextGEMS, EURECAA4OA)


  • Sebastien Barthelemy (BCPU, I4C)
  • Ingo Bethke (BCPU, Climate Futures)
  • Filippa Fransner (TRIATLAS)
  • Shunya Koseki (EURECA4OA, TRIATLAS)
  • Fei Li (COMBINED, Nansen Legacy)
  • Nour-Eddine Omrani (BCPU, ROADMAP)
  • David Rivas (TRIATLAS)
  • Francine Schevenhoven (ERC POC, I4C)
  • Mao-Lin Shen (ROADMAP)

Support staff

  • Ping-Gin Chui, software engineer (INES, BCPU, Climate Futures)
  • Mariko Koseki, software engineer (BCPU, Climate Futures)
  • Mahaut de Vareilles, project manager (BCPU)

Research groups