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The Buckland Lecture 2017: Steward of the Sea – Returning power to fishers

BHAG invite you to attend the Buckland Lecture in the University Aula.

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BHAG invite you all to attend the Buckland Lecture  on 19th of October 2017 with the title “Steward of the Sea – Returning power to fishers”:

The lecture will be held by Buckland Professor for 2017, Professor Emeritus Paul JB Hart, University of Leicester. He will examine the factors that have distanced the fishers from the fisheries management process. It will then discuss ways in which fishers are being brought back into the process of managing their stocks sustainably and contributing towards marine conservation. He argues that fishers must be empowered to take the lead in the management system.

Professor Hart will introduce the audience to who Buckland was in his introduction to the talk.

The lecture  part of the annual meeting for the Association of Marine Scientists (Norske Havforskeres Forening) which is in Bergen 18th to 20th October.


After the lecture, BHAG invite you all for a glass of wine and some food. The events ends at 20:00.