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Vigdis Vandvik talks about the role that toothpicks and teabags can play in experimental ecology
Two books have been published by close associates and former members of the EECRG
The investiture of John Birks to the Royal Society of Edinburgh took place on Monday 16 May 2016
On Thursday May 19th, Alistair Seddon delivered the Rick Battarbee lecture at University College London
John Birks - now a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Vigdis has been elected a Member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
The goal is to understand how the ecosystems on Earth will be affected by a future climate distinguished by more extreme weather.
Emphatically NO says EECRG Professor II Kathy Willis in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview introduced by Jim Al-Khalili.
Martin Price (University of the Highlands and Islands and Professor II in EECRG; UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Mountain Development) has just published a book giving a short introduction to mountains
Insects are the most successful group of organisms in the history of life. A discovery of new genes suggests why.
Professor Emerita Hilary Birks received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Paleolimnological Association on 4 August 2015. She was given the award during their international symposium in Lanzhou, China.
Professor II Kathy Willis has been awarded the Michael Faraday Prize and Lecture for 2015 from the Royal Society (UK) for her outstanding work in science communication
Nature's Conscience - The Life and Legacy of Derek Ratclffe
Nature's Conscience - The Life and Legacy of Derek Ratcliffe, edited by Des Thompson, John Birks, and Hilary Birks, was published April 2015.
The seminar to honour John Birks’ official retirement was held on 19th and 20th March 2015. It was organised by Anne Bjune (UniResearch, EECRG), Rick Battarbee (ECRC, University College London), and Kathy Willis (Oxford, Kew Gardens, EECRG), who also co-edited a special volume of The Holocene (25 (1): January 2015) dedicated to John.
Vivian Astrup Felde successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled 'Quantifying modern pollen-vegetation-diversity relationships: an assessment of mehtods to reconstruct past terrestrial biodiversity' on 26 March 2015
On 19th and 20th March there will be a seminar in honour of John Birks
Hilary Birks, Professor Emerita in EECRG, has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.