Analysis and PDE
Workshop on dispersive and water waves equations

Bergen-Lund-Trondheim workshop on dispersive and water waves equations, Bergen, 2024

Didier Pilod

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The Bergen-Lund-Trondheim seminar on dispersive and water waves equations is an online research seminar organized by the research groups of the universities of Bergen, Lund and Trondheim. The aim of the seminar is to gather the three research groups and discuss on various topics related to dispersive equations and to water waves equations. It meets roughly once per month.

The seminar has the following format. The speaker chooses the topic/article/survey and provides some references to the organizers. With those references, a third party in one of the universities introduces the talk with a short presentation. It is followed by a 40 minutes talk of the speaker, and a discussion afterwards. 

Organizers : Mats Ehrnström (NTNU), Didier Pilod (UiB) and Erik Wahlén (LU)