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New participants of the analysis group

Three new participants joined our group recently.

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Mahdi Khajeh Salehani is a new postdoc who is going to work within the project NONHOLONOM. Mahdi received his PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2011. His thesis titled "A study of the three-body problem in the realm of equivariant differential geometry" was written under the supervision of prof. Eldar Straume.

Christian Autenried is a new PhD in the group of analysis, who is also going to work within the NONHOLONOM project. The area of his future research includes studying infinite dimensional manifolds with non-holonomic constraints, more specifically, the Grassman manifold. The work will be supervised by professor Irina Markina.

Christian's MSc thesis was written under Irina's supervision when Christian studied in Bergen under ERASMUS program in 2010-2011. The thesis was defended in 2011 at  Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich.

This semester we are also happy to host another Erasmus student Stephan Wojtowytsch, originally from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Stephan is in the first year of his Master's program, and he is planning to write parts of his future thesis under Irina's supervision. The topics they are going to work with include Lorentzian and sub-Lorentzian analogues of the Hopf-Rinow and the ball-box theorem.