Brain tumour immunology and therapy group
Special Issue

Invitation to submit a research article to Cancers (IF 6.13)

"Immunological, Molecular and Imaging Biomarkers of Malignant Progression in Brain Cancer: Improving Precision Neuro-Oncology"

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Professor Martha Chekenya is Guest editor for this special issue, together with co-editors Professor Arvid Lundervold and Dr Eirik Bratland. We invite multidisciplinary papers (expert opinion reviews or original data) that characterise the immunoactive brain tumour environment, the interplay between tumour and immune cells, molecular and imaging-based features (including non-invasive radiological examinations as well as microscopic imaging techniques such as imaging mass cytometry from tissue samples) of malignant brain tumours impacting patient outcome, and tumour intrinsic treatment responses or responses generated by predisposing systemic diseases such as allergy or virus infection. This focused issue aims to contribute new knowledge to the burgeoning need to implement effective management of malignant brain cancer.