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About the project:

The ALerT Project (Awareness Learning Tools for Data Sharing Everywhere) aims to explore factors influencing decisions and behaviors related to data privacy in virtual environments as well as the risks and benefits associated with them. The purpose is to co-create knowledge that can help stakeholders in designing interventions to promote privacy-protective behaviors and policymakers in making effective decisions in addressing the impact of data disclosure. E-privacy is an issue that has emerged with the digitalization of everyday life in recent years. It concerns the question of how people treat their personal data and what they know and think about how this data is used by institutions, companies, and the community. In general, while the benefits of providing personal data are both immediate and well-known, costs and risks are often delayed, uncertain, and unknown to users. Relevant topics for this project are, for example, attitudes, risk perceptions, and decision making.


The ALerT Project is a consortium of researchers from the University of Bergen, the Norwegian Computer Center, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. These researchers have multidisciplinary backgrounds—informatics, computer science, and psychology—and work together to generate reflection about personal data sharing and privacy-related issues in digital environments. The ALerT Project is funded by The Research Council of Norway.