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Tuesday 30. oktober

Workshop hosted by the Electronic Literature Research Group at the University of Bergen
Funded by UiB, Bergen kommune and Norges forskningsråd

Daytime seminar sessions: Hordaland Kunstsenter
Evening performances: Galleri 3.14

This workshop, which will include participants from Bergen cultural institutions and UiB researchers, as well as international expert speakers, is intended to examine the growing trend towards the exhibition of electronic literature in art venues, such as museums and galleries, and to examine models of curating and exhibiting electronic literature in these environments. In addition to providing an opportunity for discussion and analysis of what happens to the situation of digital literary artifacts when they are presented in gallery environments, this workshop will provide an important planning opportunity.

The  Electronic Literature Organization conference, which has traditionally been a biennial conference hosted in the USA, is in 2013 moving to an annual schedule, with a European host in alternating years. The first European iteration will be hosted in Paris by Paris 8 University in 2013, and then in Bergen in 2015. The ELO conference includes an academic congress, readings and performances, and exhibitions of electronic literature in art venues. By focusing attention on the issues, challenges, and conceptual opportunities offered in curating and exhibiting electronic literature, we also hope to identify and develop relationships with partners for the eventual production of a superb set of exhibitions in affiliation with the 2015 ELO Conference.

¤ help formulate a call for works for the coming ELO Conference and Exhibition
¤ for works of electronic literature that is suited for the different Bergen venues
¤ which highlight the Bergen electronic art and literature scene


10:00-10:30 About the ELO, the ELO conference series and plans for ELO2015 in Bergen (Scott Rettberg, Nick Montfort, Roderick Coover)

10:30-11:30 Exhibitions of Electronic Literature

Dene Grigar: Exhibiting Electronic Literature

Kristian Pedersen: Gasspedal Animert exhibition in Oslo

Mark Daniels and/or Simon Biggs via Skype: the ELMCIP exhibition in Edinburgh

11:30-12:00 Break

12:00-13:00 Collections, libraries and archives

Søren Pold: Exhibiting Electronic Literature with libraries

Rui Torres: Po-Ex archive and exhibition possibilities

Talan Memmott: The ELMCIP European Anthology of Electronic Literature

13:00-14:00 Lunch (Restaurant Pascal, Valkendorfsgate 8)

14:15-14:45 Sissel Lillebostad (coordinator MA in Creative Curating, KHiB): How does a curator think?

14:45-15:45 Panel: Bergen curators, editors and organisers

Anne Marthe Dyvi (BEK), Malin Barth (3.14), Elisabeth Nesheim (Piksel)

How do we think about curating new media art or literature? What constraints and possibilities are there in the spaces we use and our communities?

15:45-16:30 Discussion groups: crafting a call for works

Group leaders: Jeremy Welsh (KHiB), Maya Økland (KNIPSU), Rebekka Kvelland (Litteraturhuset i Bergen), Randi Grov Berger (Entree), Sverre Helge Bostad (Bergen offentlige bibliotek)

What are the most important things to keep in mind when formulating a call for works for the ELO conference exhibitions? What do we need to think about in terms of venues and communities in Bergen?

16:30-17:00 Plenary discussion and summary

20:30-23:00 Readings, Screenings and Performances at Gallery 3.14
"An Evening of Digital Narratives and Poetry"
Michelle Teran, Roderick Coover, Nick Montfort, Scott Rettberg, Talan Memmott, Kristian Pedersen, Rui Torres