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Kathi Inman Berens: Stories Beneath Your Feet and Fingertips: Playing Locative Stories

Learn about the history of stories made to be played in space, using technology spanning from cave paintings to today's GPS-enabled smartphones.

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Humans have always scrawled stories onto their physical environs -- cave paintings, decorative friezes, eighteenth-century broadsides, graffiti, billboards.  Equipped today with smart phones, artists and ordinary people are telling stories pinned to exact geospatial location using Google Maps, Twitter, and Layar (Augmented Reality).  

Kathi Inman Berens, Fulbright Scholar of Digital Culture visiting UiB from the University of Southern California, will show literary works set in cityscapes from Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, London, even a locative story set right here in Bergen.  

Come learn the history of how artists through the ages have made stories to be played in physical space.  Dr. Inman Berens will show many current examples of “locative” works, then invite the audience to play a simple game she created set inside the Bergen Public Library.