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Torborg's Master thesis in the Southern Ocean: Letter 19.2.2016 — More trawling...
Martine Røysted Solås participated in BIO299, Research Project in Biology. Her task was to study whether salmon fry from enriched hatchery environment have higher survival in the wild than those from the normal hatchery environment. The final touch to the work was given while she was taking the Arctic Biology course at UNIS (University Centre in Svalbard).
Torborg's Master thesis in the Southern Ocean: Letter 12.2.2016 — Trawling
Torborg's Master thesis in the Southern Ocean: Letter 6.2.2016 — From Montevideo to the South Orkney Islands
Torborg Rustand is heading to the Southern Ocean where she will be collecting zooplankton samples for the Master project.
A new paper in Journal of Sea Research written by EvoFish alumnus Maria L. Seivåg together with Anne Gro Vea Salvanes, Anne Christine Utne-Palm, and Olav Sigurd Kjesbu examines reproductive biology and tactics in male bearded goby.
Marion Claireaux has started her PhD studies on herring life-history changes. The study is part of the ConEvolHer project lead by the Institute of Marine Research.
Silje has finished the behaviour experiments for her Masters project
Master student Ingeborg Bjerkvik Alnes has just finished her first round of behavioural tests.
Clémentine is working with guppies and otoliths at EvoFish
I was given a chance to give a presentation to Chinese schoolkids on something that is related to my profession. I chose to tell them about wildlife in China. This was a nice experience, and I believe that the children also enjoyed the occasion.
Eihab Idris will study how size-selective fishing affects colouration
To gain insight to seafood markets in China, we visited a major wholesale market in Cangnan. There is one word that describes it all: bustling.
A new EvoFish article finds mixed results and puts previous studies into question.
My three months in Taipei are now nearing the end. Here are some reflections on life in Taipei.
Fisheries on cutlassfish in Taiwan are landing several, superficially similar species. Researchers at the National Taiwan University are figuring out the relative importance and population biology of different species. EvoFish is following how this fascinating investigation is unfolding.
Visiting fish landing sites is a great opportunity to learn about fisheries and fish diversity in Taiwan.