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Silje has finished the behaviour experiments for her Masters project
Master student Ingeborg Bjerkvik Alnes has just finished her first round of behavioural tests.
Clémentine is working with guppies and otoliths at EvoFish
I was given a chance to give a presentation to Chinese schoolkids on something that is related to my profession. I chose to tell them about wildlife in China. This was a nice experience, and I believe that the children also enjoyed the occasion.
Eihab Idris will study how size-selective fishing affects colouration
To gain insight to seafood markets in China, we visited a major wholesale market in Cangnan. There is one word that describes it all: bustling.
A new EvoFish article finds mixed results and puts previous studies into question.
My three months in Taipei are now nearing the end. Here are some reflections on life in Taipei.
Fisheries on cutlassfish in Taiwan are landing several, superficially similar species. Researchers at the National Taiwan University are figuring out the relative importance and population biology of different species. EvoFish is following how this fascinating investigation is unfolding.
Visiting fish landing sites is a great opportunity to learn about fisheries and fish diversity in Taiwan.
Camilla Jensen has defended her Master's thesis - and with the highest possible mark! EvoFish congratulates :)
Piero Lopez has successfully defended his Master's thesis. EvoFish congratulates!
How do fishes in small rivers cope with major floods? Anne Gro Vea Salvanes was relieved to find out that at least the juvenile salmon she had transplanted had coped well.
Some additional samples from Lake Myravatn were needed, and Ingrid Wathne and her colleagues went once again to the lake, this time in beautiful (but rainy) autumn setting.
BBC Earth is featuring an article on how growing environment shapes the cognitive abilities in fish. Research by Anne Gro Vea Salvanes from EvoFish is also highlighted, with cool videos!
With fisheries-induced evolution in the spotlight, Bea, Fabian and Mikko from EvoFish attended the ICES Annual Science Conference
Nestory Peter Gabagambi has started his PhD study in evolutionary fish parasitology. In his study Peter will focus on the interaction between a tapeworm and its fish host in Lake Nyasa/Malawi.