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Camilla Jensen has defended her Master's thesis - and with the highest possible mark! EvoFish congratulates :)
Some additional samples from Lake Myravatn were needed, and Ingrid Wathne and her colleagues went once again to the lake, this time in beautiful (but rainy) autumn setting.
BBC Earth is featuring an article on how growing environment shapes the cognitive abilities in fish. Research by Anne Gro Vea Salvanes from EvoFish is also highlighted, with cool videos!
With fisheries-induced evolution in the spotlight, Bea, Fabian and Mikko from EvoFish attended the ICES Annual Science Conference
Nestory Peter Gabagambi has started his PhD study in evolutionary fish parasitology. In his study Peter will focus on the interaction between a tapeworm and its fish host in Lake Nyasa/Malawi.
In a joint master project between the Environmental toxicology and Evolutionary Ecology research groups, Moritz Pohl is unveiling the secrets of the remarkable anoxia tolerance of bearded goby from Namibia.
Analyses of recaptures of escaped farmed salmon reveal that much more salmon escape than is reported. This result was also noted in the Research Highlights of Nature!
Camilla Jensen is working hard in the lab with her Master project on life-history adaptations in salmon lice.
EvoFisher Beatriz Diaz Pauli is visiting the Sih lab at UC Davis, California. The 5-months research stay is funded by the Leiv Eiriksson mobility grant and is aimed at starting collaboration between Prof. Andy Sih’s lab and EvoFish.
Spatial dynamics of the bearded goby and its key fish predators off Namibia varies with climate and oxygen availability
Joan Sala is a biology bachelor student from the University of Barcelona (UB). During the fourth year of his bachelor he has to carry out a thesis, so he decided to come to Bergen and join the EvoFish group!
Shaken, not stirred. A new paper is shaking the position of the Baranov catch equation as one of the cornerstones of fisheries science. Fortunately, this shaking turns out not be too serious.
Geetha Jeyakanth is working in the guppy lab for her Master’s project on the effect of ambient oxygen on life history of guppies.
China is by far the biggest fishery producer, yet fisheries management in China is comparatively unknown. A new review is changing this.
What can free candy teach us about fisheries-induced evolution?
Female bearded gobies mature in anoxic waters off Namibia, finds Yusra Taha
Spawning area for bearded goby on outer shelf off central Namibia in anoxic waters reported recently by Maria L. Seivåg in her Master thesis
New article shows that maturation in male guppies is influenced by the social environment in which they grow.