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A new article in the ICES Journal of Marine Science finds a widespread positive relationship between fish weight and price per kg in Norwegian fisheries.
Daniel Ricard from the Biology Centre (České Budějovice) is spending two months in Bergen.
Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology groups have joined the forces.
Piero Lopez has started his master's project on analysing growth in guppies based on their otoliths.
Henrik Christiansen, who visited EvoFish last winter to carry out the practical research for his master's project, has now passed the final examination at his home institute at the University of Bremen. EvoFish congratulates!
A new study, covered by the BBC News and published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, shows that salmon growing in a stimulating environment become smarter.
EvoFish article tops the list of most accessed papers in the journal Marine Ecology in 2012.
EvoFish is happy to welcome Yoann Martin from Montpellier in our rows for this summer!
A new paper in the ICES Journal of Marine Science discusses whether and how fisheries-induced evolution will shift reference points, a key tool in fisheries management.
After five long days of fishing guppies in the lab, EvoFish switched to bigger targets. Sea fishing turned out to be a lot more eventful than guppy fishing.
Andria Utama has successfully completed his Master examination. EvoFish congratulates!
Ranga Jayawickrama has successfully completed his Master examination. EvoFish congratulates!
When climate change alters distributions of fish stocks, it is not only the biology of fish stocks that is affected: also the ownership of fish stocks is changing. This has implications for the countries that are sharing a resource.
Henrik Christiansen is an Erasmus student doing his Master project on bearded gobies from the Benguela system.
EvoFish now boasts an exclusive trophy, dedicated to PhDs from EvoFish.
Do size quotas have an evolutionary impact on fish populations? Mikko Heino and Jeppe Kolding are in a recent Nature News Feature.
EvoFish has a pleasure of hosting Shen Gongming, a visiting scholar from the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences.
Yusra Taha is making good progress with her master project on the reproductive biology of female bearded gobies. After a field trip to Namibia, it has been many long hours in the lab.