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Transmission electron microscope

Hitachi HT7800 TEM

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Room 6C126cA

Responsible contact person: Endy Spriet.

Please contact us for guidance on the practical use and possible applications of the instrument.

The Hitachi HT7800 (installed Jan 2022) is a 120 kV transmission electron microscope with an Emsis Xarosa (20 Mpix) bottom mounted CMOS camera.The oculars have been replaced with a screen camera imaging the fluorescent screen, allowing the user to work in normal room light. The electron gun is operating on a LaB6 filament.

The system is set up for imaging biological samples and comes with standard features such as: auto-focus, auto-drive, live FFT display, measurement functions, auto pre-irradiation possibilities, image navigation,  whole view function and drift correction, automated image stitching and 3D tomography.

The Hitachi HT7800 comes with a multiple lens configuration with the possibilities of doing:

  • HC – high contrast imaging up to 200.000 magnification.
  • HR – high resolution imaging up to 600.000 magnification.

Two specimen holders:

  • HT780-MS2 three specimen holder (+/- 400).
  • HT7800-SS single tilt holder (+/- 700) for tomography imaging.