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Enhancing Human Performance in Security Operations: International and Law Enforcement Perspectives - Paul T. Bartone, Bjørn Helge Johnsen, Jarle Eid, John M. Violanti, &  Jon Christian Laberg (Eds.), 2010

This book brings together international experts on stress, resiliency and performance. These experts draw on the latest research with military and police personnel to provide an integrated perspective on the psychological pressures involved in this type of work, as well as practical recommendations on how to optimize human performance in security operations. The book is divided into three sections. Section I provides basic theoretical perspectives on both social and psychological factors that significantly impact human responses to the high stress demands of security operations. Section II emphasizes scientifically grounded, yet practical, approaches for selecting, training, and preparing personnel to function effectively in security operations. Section III presents a collection of both case studies and special life-threatening scenarios that workers and leaders in security operations may face.



Operativ Psykologi - Jarle Eid & Bjørn Helge Johnsen (Eds.), 2006

“Operativ psykologi” is a Norwegian textbook that presents Norwegian and international research on the importance of human factors in operational situations in which life, health or basic values are threatened. It provides an overview of how psychological phenomena can affect teamwork and problem solving in emergency response teams and organizations that need to solve demanding tasks under time pressure and uncertainty. Operational psychology as a field includes basic psychological theory and methods, selection, training and education, as well as the implementation of operations. Leaders and emergency responders alike are affected by situational and psychological pressures that influence their ability to process information, interact with others, and make decisions in challenging situations.


Operativ Psykologi 2 - Jarle Eid & Bjørn Helge Johnsen (Eds.), 2019 

“Operativ psykologi 2: Anvendte aspekter” is a Norwegian textbook that intends to present several new thematic and applied aspects that supplement and extends the basic book “Operational Psychology”. This new book, like the first one, is aimed at operational environments emergency agencies such as police, fire, rescue, emergence medicine, voluntary organizations, as well as other public and private companies that work under time pressure and uncertainty. We believe the book should interest those who want to understand and gain more knowledge about social security, accidents, critical events and dramatic situations that are often mentioned in the media. In the book you can read more about risk analysis, team training, negotiation techniques, the effect of nutrition and physical capacity, safety climate, survival in extreme environments, terrorism, stress management, destructive management, trust and moral damage. “Operativ psykologi 2: Anvendte aspekter” is organized as an operation wheel where we follow a timeline from recruitment to preparation and training, then over to the implementation of operations and finally return to (operational) service.