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  • “Non-technical skills in the maritime industry”
    • Phd candidate: Guro Persdotter Fjeld
    • Main supervisor: Sturle Tvedt
    • Co-supervisor: Bjørn Sætrevik
  • “Adaptive leadership in operational settings”
    • PhD candidate: Peder Hyllengren
    • Main supervisor: Roar Espevik
    • Co-supervisor: Sigurd W. Hystad
  • “Embracing both sides of the coin: Work-related psychosocial risks and resources among child welfare workers” 
    • PhD candidate: Oyeniyi Samuel Olaniyan
    • Main supervisors: Sigurd W. Hystad & Hilde Hetland 
    • Co-supervisor: Gaby Margarita Ortiz Barreda  
  • “Back in the Saddle: Preventive strategies, predictors and symptom development after a shipwreck in the Royal Norwegian Navy”
    • PhD candidate: Sverre Sanden 
    • Main supervisor: Sigurd W Hystad 
    • Co-supervisor: Bjørn Helge Johnsen 
  • “Bridge AR: Using Augmented Reality to Facilitate Maritime Collaboration” 
    • PhD candidate: Floris van den Oever
    • Main Supervisor: Bjørn Sætrevik
    • Co-supervisor: Morten Fjeld and Kjetil Nordby
  • “Tankesett og beslutningsdyktighet i politioperasjoner” / “Modes of thinking and decision making in police operations”
    • PhD candidate: Kristin Stenshol
    • Main supervisor: Bjørn Sætrevik, UiB
    • Co-supervisor: Edward R. Watkins, U of Exeter
    • Co-supervisor: Patrick Risan, The Norwegian Police University College