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PhD theses with a connection to the Research Group for Law of Property and Obligations

On this page, an overview of the PhD theses with a connection to the Research Group for Law of Property and Obligations, from the last 10 years, are presented.

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Dag Jørgen Hveem: Bankers rådgivningsplikt overfor forbrukere - aktsomhetsnormen

The topic of the thesis is to clarify the responsibility that applies to Norwegian banks’ financial counselling, with a particular focus on consumers’ position. The aim is to give a legal dogmatic presentation of current law, with legal political elements also being taken into account. Essentially, it is the counselling related to financial investments and the duty to dissuade borrowers and guarantors that are being analysed.


Merete Endestad: Opphavsrett og konkurs. En formuerettslig analyse av opphavsrettigheter som dekningsobjekt

The topic of the thesis is the question of whether the insolvency estate can exploit copyrights when a copyright holder is insolvent. In the thesis, questions relating to both the limited access to seizing copyrights on the originator’s hand, as laid down in the Norwegian Copyright Act § 77 and the possibility of seizing copyrights when they have been transferred to a contracting party, are examined. The topic is presented from a Norwegian and to some extent Nordic point of view, but also German and UK law is subject to further comparative analysis. The exploitation of copyrights is also studied from an international point of view, where international insolvencies and choice of law rules are subject to closer examination.


Marianne Mathilde Rødvei Aagaard: Virkninger av formuerettslig ugyldighet - Særlig om restitusjonskrav og ugyldighetens tingsrettslige virkninger

The aim of the dissertation is to analyse the different consequences of invalidity in the situation where the contract has been fulfilled by both parties before the objection of invalidity is invoked by a competent party. A main question in the thesis is to identify when one of the parties, with reference to his or her objection of invalidity, has a claim of restitution of his or her own performance, and whether or not this is also a claim of rei vindicatio, as well as how these different legal position stands in relation to the statute of limitation and the other party’s bankruptcy. Other questions which arise in connection with the settlement, such as the connection between restitution of the party’s own performances versus restitution of value, questions of compensation and restitution of surrogates, are also discussed.

The dissertation is also published as a book: Marianne M. R. Aagaard, «Restitusjon : om virkninger av formuerettslig ugyldighet» (2019), Cappelen Damm Akademisk (ISBN : 9788202594718).


Jannik Woxholth: Aksjonæravtaler

The thesis covers questions arising from shareholders’ agreements within the fields of company law and contract law. Particularly, the thesis centres on two key problems: Firstly, the enforceability of shareholders’ agreements between the parties. It is today the clear starting point that shareholders’ agreements are binding between the parties according to Norwegian law. Secondly, the thesis centres on the enforceability of shareholders’ agreements towards third parties. Also here, the starting point is that shareholders’ agreements are binding only between the parties. The thesis covers different exceptions to this starting point, i.e. toward the company itself and its stakeholders to the extent that they are not parties to the agreement.


Maria Vea Lund: Passivitet : binding og rettstap som ulovfesta passivitetsverknader

The topic of this thesis is the non-statutory legal effects of passivity (inaction). The aim of the thesis is to analyse and compare the arguments which justify the loss of a claim or a right due to passivity and the arguments which justify that a person in certain situations is considered to have made a legally binding promise by remaining passive.  

The dissertation is also published as a book: Maria V. Lund, «Passivitet» (2017), Cappelen Damm Akademisk (ISBN : 978-82-02-52887-4).

Silje Karine Nordtveit: En formuerettslig analyse av fordringens stiftelsestidspunkt

The topic of this thesis is the question of when a claim arises. The question is not if a claim is present, but from what point in the chain of events that lead to a matured claim the creditor can legally be said to have a right or a claim towards the debtor. The aim is to clarify whether or not a claim can be said to arise at the same point in time regardless of the context in which the question arises.

The dissertation is also published as a book: Silje K. Nordtveit, «Når oppstår en fordring?» (2017), Cappelen Damm Akademisk (ISBN : 978-82-02-55757-7).

Erlend Baldersheim: Til tingsrettens ontologi

The thesis concerns the law of property. The thesis starts with an identification of some common ideas and views which are held in the current Scandinavian legal doctrine, and goes on, through an analytical approach, to evaluate and criticize those ideas and views. Three topics are discussed: (1) the notion stemming from Alf Ross’ essay “Tû-Tû” that “ownership” is a mere intermediary concept in lack of semantic reference; (2) the notion that no meaningful distinction can be drawn between the category of real rights in rem and contractual rights in personam; (3) the notion that the Scandinavian approach to the question of transfer of ownership is a “functional” approach, and that this approach is both meaningful and helpful.

The dissertation is also published as a bookk: Erlend Baldersheim, «Til tingsrettens teori» (2017), Cappelen Damm Akademisk (ISBN : 978-82-02-53216-1).


Arnt Skjefstad: Fradrag for fordel ved erstatningsutmåling

The topic of the dissertation is the deductions for economic benefits in the calculation of claims for compensation. Traditionally, this issue has been discussed in connection with the rule concerning compensatio lucri cum damno. This is a general rule of the law of compensatory damages in tort stating that benefits that the injured party obtains as a result of the liability-causing offence shall under certain circumstances result in a reduction in the claim for compensation. Additionally, legal material from other areas of law has been drawn in where this can help clarify, instruct and provide support to the discussion. An important objective for the analyses in the dissertation is to identify and develop some further evaluation topics and aspects that can provide guidance as to when deductions for benefits shall be accepted.

The dissertation is also published as a book: Arnt E. Skjedstad, «Erstatningsberegning : særlig om fradrag for fordeler» (2016), Cappelen Damm akademisk (ISBN : 978-82-02-47400-3).


Torger Kielland: Patentering av informasjonsteknologiske oppfinnelser

According to the Norwegian Patent Act Section 1(1) patents are granted to “inventions” in “all fields of technology”. The Patent Act Section 1(2), however, provide a non-exhaustive list of subject matter not regarded as inventions, among them “programs for computers […] as such”. The Patent Act Section 1 is a direct implementation of The European Patent Convention (EPC) Article 52 and must be interpreted in light of the convention. In international practice, EPC Article 52 has been understood as not excluding patenting of inventions that only makes use of a program for computers. The thesis does, however, show that the possibility to patent information technology inventions goes further than this and that it also encompasses inventions which concern the way in which a computer handles data, regardless of the purpose of the invention. Consequently, despite The Patent Act Section 1(2) providing that “programs for computers […] as such” are not to be regarded as inventions, programs for computers can be patented.

The dissertation is also published as a book: Torger Kielland, «Patentering av informasjonsteknologiske oppfinnelser» (2017), Universitetsforlaget (ISBN : 978-82-15-02913-9).


Lars Anders Heimdal: Rettsvalg ved erstatning for krenkende ytringer - studier i internasjonal privatrett

In cases concerning claims for compensation arising out of a tort, connected to multiple states, a choice has to be made - a choice of which of the states’ national law shall be applied. The topic of the thesis is the choice of national law in relation to claims for compensation for a violation of a person’s personal integrity, in the context of this thesis, through defamation and the violation of a person’s privacy through speech. The purpose of the thesis is to conduct an analysis of the challenges concerning the choice of national law and to propose a solution to how these challenges can be solved.

The dissertation is also published as a book: Lars A. Heimdal, «Rettsvalg ved erstatning for krenkende ytringer : studier i internasjonal privatrett» (2013), Gyldendal juridisk (ISBN : 9788205436039).

Johan Sandstedt: Förarbeten till en komparativ sakrättsdialog: Dubstantialismens blick på den nordiska funktionalismen med exemplifering genom valda fragment

The thesis aims to enable a comparative property law dialogue between substantialist and functionalist jurists. The differences between the two approaches are examined through three lines of questioning. The first question deals with the function creditor protection. The two subsequent questions consider the substantialist approach, the second question examining other functions that from a substantialist perspective can be derived from ownership, and the third question dealing with the terms “owner” and “ownership”. 

The dissertation is also published as a book: Johan Sandstdt: «Sakrätten, Norden och europeisering : nordisk funktionalism möter kontinental substantialism» (2013), Jure (ISBN : 9789172235175).


Jan-Ove Færstad: Erstatningsansvar for villedende informasjon

Negligently drafted reports, opinions or advice can cause damage to contract parties as well as third parties relying on them. Liability for negligent misstatements ensures that parties in direct contractual relations with the provider of information, as well as those with no direct contractual relations with the provider of information, could get compensation for damage caused by their reliance upon the information. The question which is examined in the thesis is if and in what circumstances a provider of information could be subject to liability for negligent misstatements. 

The dissertation is also published as a book: Jan-Ove Færstad, «Erstatningsansvar for villedende informasjon» (2014), Gyldendal juridisk (ISBN : 9788205461482).

Miriam Skaag: Starttidspunkt for foreldelsesfrister

The theme of the thesis is the starting point of the prescription period. The aim of the thesis is to establish the starting point for the prescription period in current Norwegian law and to examine whether, and to what extent, these rules should be changed. In that regard, the current Norwegian regulation of the starting point of the prescription period is compared with different models from foreign law systems, in order to examine if there are more suitable regimes.

The dissertation is also published as a book: Miriam Skag, «Starttidspunkt for foreldelsesfrister» (2012), Cappelen Damm Akademisk (ISBN : 9788202369576).


Ingunn Elise Myklebust: Strandrett og offentleg styring av arealbruk i sjø. Strandeigaren sin rett til tradisjonelle og nye utnyttingsmåtar i sjøen i møte med offentleg arealplanlegging og konsesjonsreglar

Lars Erik Steinkjæ: Eneretten til bioteknologiske oppfinnelser


Olav Fr. Perland: Tilretteleggeransvar. Verdipapirforetaks erstatningsansvar ved tilrettelegging av aksjeemisjoner

Hans Fredrik Marthinussen: Forholdet mellom panterett og pantekrav. Om panterettens avhandighet av det pantesikrede krav i norsk og europeisk rettstradisjon og betydningen av denne avhengigheten for fremtidig regulering av panterett blant annet i Skandinavia, EU og utviklingsland


Endre Nåmdal: Ansvarsgjennombrot som grunnlag for aksjonæransvar for miljøskadar

Hilde Hauge: Ugyldighet ved formuerettslige disposisjoner. Analyser av begrepsbruk, strukturer og argumentasjonslinjer i den avtalerettslige ugyldighetslære

Anne Marie Frøseth Anfinsen: Skadelidtes egeneksponering for risiko i erstatningsretten


Amund Bjøranger Tørum: Direktekrav. Særlig om direktekrav ved kjøp, tilvirkning og entreprise. Formuerettslige analyser i komparativ belysning

Erik Monsen: Berikelseskrav. Vederlagskrav og vinningsavståelseskrav


Bent Liisberg: Læren om mildere erstatningsansvar ved svikt i offentlig servicevirksomhet - en juridisk vranglære? En kritisk analyse av rettskildebruk og argumentasjonsteknikk i norsk teori og høyesterettspraksis. På sporet av gjeldende rett - en opprydningsetappe

Knut Martin Tande: Lenker til andres materiale på WWW som selvstendige krenkelser av åvl. §2, åvl. §43 eller mfl. §1


Fillip Truyen: Aksjonærenes myndighetsmisbruk. En studie av asl./asal. § 5-21 og uskrevne misbruksprinsipper


Andreas Meidell: International contracts and currency exchange rate fluctuations. A study in the anational legal approach to international contracts


Tore Lunde: God forretningsskikk næringsdrivande imellom

Bjarte Askeland: Erstatningsrettslig identifikasjon


Berte-Elen Reinertsen: Løsørepant over landegrenser


Rune Sæbø: Innsidehandel med verdipapir


Johan Giertsen: Generasjonsskifte: Kontrakts- og arverettsspørsmål som oppstår når et foretak overføres til livsarving


Ernst Nordtveit: Oppdragssamarbeid. Joint ventures i oppdragsindustri, entreprenørverksemd, forsking og utvikling


Kåre Lilleholt: Personskifte i husleigeforhold


Kristian Huser: Avtaletolking. En innføring i avtaletolkingens alminnelige del (1983)