Bergen Stress and Sleep Group, BSSG

Amalie Aasvang

Master student

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Early life condition as a predictor of stress reactivity in adulthood measured by sleep and brain activity

In my master`s project I am investigating how early life conditions in rats, long maternal separation (3 h daily) and brief maternal separation (10 min daily), affect brain activity and sleep when the rats undergo a protocol of chronic mild stress (CMS) in adulthood. In this study I want to investigate if there is a difference in sleep architecture and brain activity measured by electroencephalogram (EEG), during exposure to CMS protocol in the two early life conditions. Changes in sleep architecture and EEG may represent markers for vulnerability to stress and psychiatric disorders after exposure to early life events, such as maternal separation. No studies have investigated stress reactivity measured by EEG during CMS, this study will therefore contribute to extended knowledge in the field of early life stress and how this affect brain and behaviour in adulthood.

This master`s project is a part of the project: The early life condition – A translational study of affective and behavioral outcomes and genetic modulation.


Main supervisor Jelena Mrdalj