Bergen Summer Research School
Brunch seminar

How do we localize the global sustainability goals?

"To meet the Sustainable Development Goals, efforts must begin at the ground-level where local communities can see tangible results to their daily lives", claims Dorothy Dankel.

Ivars Utināns/Unsplash

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Dankel is Researcher at the Department of Biological Sciences, UiB, and she leads a project that looks at the SDGs through the lens of local communities in Andøya, in northern Norway.

In this brunch seminar, Dankel will discuss this project, titled #LoVeSeSDG, and reflect on how to "localize sustainability". In particular, she will reflect on the challenges of transdisciplinary science and uncomfortable ethical dilemmas experienced during the process of localization. 

After her talk, two students from Bergen Summer Research School will bring Dankel’s insights and experiences into dialogue with lessons from this year’s BSRS – where actionable knowledge, global challenges and local action have been key themes. 

Dorothy J. Dankel, Ph.D. is researcher in Responsible Research and Innovation in Marine Science, Department of Biological Sciences, research affiliate Centre for Climate and Energy Transformations, University of Bergen and Vice-Chair of the Nordic Marine Think Tank.

This brunch seminar is organised in cooperation with the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation.