Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies
Internationa Research Seminar

Researching music practices – methodological approaches

Grieg Research School and Bergen University College invite you to an international research seminar on methodology - a core issue for every researcher. This seminar will explore how various approaches to research methodology may support and challenge each other. The seminar will be held in Bergen June 18-21.

Main content

Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies and Bergen University College by Centre for Arts, Culture and Communication (CACC) invite you to participate in this research seminar as a PhD candidate or delegate. 

  • Title: Researching music practices - methodological approaches
  • Place: Bergen University College, Faculty of Education. Landåssvingen 15, N- 5096 Bergen
  • Dates: June 18–21, 2012
  • Registration: closed
  • Questions about the seminar: liv.qvale@uni.no

Download the final programme and the Book of Abstracts.


Keynote speakers

Follow the links below to see bios and abstracts with recommended readings (or download this list).


Workshop and roundtable

  • Workshop with Alex Ruthmann (University of Massachusetts): Practical use of technologies in music research.
  • Perspectives on practice-based research. Cynthia M. Grund (Denmark), Tere Vaden (Finland), Anders Friberg (Sweden) and David G. Hebert (Norway).


About the research seminar

Our aim is to offer a research education course that can gather candidates in different music disciplines such as music performance, musicology, ethnomusicology, music technology, music therapy and music education. These are fields with different profiles and orientations, but nevertheless they share some important problem issues and methodological challenges.

Through the seminar we would like to challenge the tendencies of fragmentation in music research where academic and artistic research is developed within different spheres. The seminar is in English.

Research methodology is a core issue for every researcher. This seminar will explore how various approaches to research methodology may support and challenge each other.


Paper submission

Candidates who participate with a presentation may submit a written paper to the GRS professional committee for evaluation. This paper may be written in English or Norwegian, and should follow the guidelines on the GRS website. Submission of essays are only for PhD candidates, artistic research candidates and “førstelektor” candidates. Full participation and approved paper is recognized by GRS as 5 ECTS credits. Deadline for paper submission: September 1, 2012.


Fees and accommodation

Participation in the research seminar is free for all PhD candidates who are members of GRS, higher education staff and other delegates from the owner institutions. Delegates from other institutions will pay a seminar fee of NOK 3000 and will receive an invoice from the University of Bergen. Candidates and other delegates cover their own expenses for travel and accommodation. As part of the credit giving programme, there will be a daytrip to Voss on Wednesday June 20, and the cost will be approximately 400 NOK. This is not included in the seminar fee, and candidates from the owner institutions will also have to pay.

There are many hotels as well as nice and cheap pensions and guesthouses in Bergen if you book early, but June is high season for tourists, so you should book as soon as possible. Following this link you'll find a list with contact information to most of the hotels, pensions and guesthouses in Bergen. Another accommodation option (not on the list) is Montana Youth Hostel which is located very close to the seminar venue.



We would also like to inform you about the one-day event that will take place after the GRS research seminar, June 22: Understanding Musicality, a symposium of the Nordic Network for Music Informatics, Performance, and Aesthetics. More information on this website: http://understandingmusicality.blogspot.com/