Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Preliminary Viva Voce Examination June 19

Grieg Research school has established a tradition of arranging a Preliminary Viva Voce Examination (prøvedisputas) as part of each research seminar. This time Randi Margrethe Eidsaa is the candidate.

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Grieg Research School uses Preliminary Viva Voce Examination (prøvedisputas) as a tool for quality assurance and development. Candidates that are members of GRS will have the opportunity to get a Preliminary Viva Voce Examination arranged towards the end of their PhD process.

The Preliminary Viva Voce Examination is part of the official programme at the international research seminar Researching Music Practices - Methodological Approaches. 


Candidate: Randi Margrethe Eidsaa, University of Agder

Opponent: Associate Professor Catharina Christophersen, Bergen University College

Time: Tuesday June 19, 2012. 16.00-18.00 am

Place: Bergen University College, Landåssvingen 15, A016


 Randi Margrethe Eidsaa is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder (enrolment on the PhD program at DPU, Copenhagen). She holds bachelor in music from Agder Music Conservatory and a master in music education from The University of Oslo. Prior to her work at Agder University she taught music for ten years in primary and secondary schools in Norway. She is a composer and a producer of school musicals and co-author of Sanger, Septimer og Triangler, Spektro Musikal  and Allmenn Musikkundervisning - cases presenting pedagogy, didactics, methods and repertoire for music teachers and students. She was a member of the National Committee who revised the music teacher education in 1997 and the Norwegian National Music curriculum in 2006. She is presently working on a PhD research project on creative collaborative music projects in Lower Secondary Schools in Norway.


Welcome to attend Randi's Preliminary Viva Voce Examination!