Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

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The cooperating institutions all have strong academic milieus within research and artistic development. By establishing Grieg Research School we hope to create a platform for cooperation and coordination of this work which will help the academic milieus grow even stronger nationally and internationally.

Steinar Figved

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The five institutions have all together an academic milieu consisting of 50-60 professionals working with different aspects of music. An interdisciplinary research school built on this milieu can create and stimulate a solid and versatile milieu of candidates.

The research groups at the cooperating institutions are very important for the development of GRS. But it's important to define the different roles, and GRS and the research groups will seek to develop a well working division of labour. The main principle is that the research school is responsible for developing the training component, while the research groups at the different institutions are responsible for following up the candidates' work.




University of Bergen


GAIMPRO - Griegakademiets forskergruppe for jazz og improvisasjon.

GAMUT - The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre conducts research on the relation between music and health, in clinical and everyday contexts.

Griegakademiets forskningsgruppe for norsk musikk - GAFONOM is working with several different projects related to documentation, recording and dissemination of Norwegian music.

HIP-GA, Historically Informed Performance is through performance, reflection and research working for a further development of the field "early music". 

Senter for Griegforskning is established by the University of Bergen as a collaboration between the University of Bergen, Bergen municipality (Bergen Public Library) and the Art Museums of Bergen (Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen). The aim of the centre is to conduct research and research education related to the work of Edvard Grieg and to music from Western Norway.



University of Stavanger


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Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


Programme for Culture and Creativity Education is focusing on the interaction between education, subject didactic and the artistic and cultural field. The programme is organised through different active research groups, and it's led and coordinated by professor Magne Espeland.


Volda University College


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