Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Guidelines for Candidate Presentations

Grieg Research School offers a number of different presentation formats.

Steinar Figved

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General information about presentations:

Duration: 20 minutes, followed by questions/comments from senior researchers and other candidates.

Topic: Presentations can be related to the main theme of the course OR specifically to the candidate´s Ph.D. project.

Formats:   The Grieg Research School is an open interdisciplinary environment that encourages a range formats for the presentation of research.  

Presentations can take the form of a standard research lecture considering one or two key questions or issues important to the work. Candidates should choose carefully how much to present given the time limitation. Use of appropriate audio/visual materials is recommended where possible. It is also recommended that candidates give clear information as to how the material of the presentation fits within the context of the research project as a whole.

Candidates wishing to use non-standard or experimental forms of presentation are encouraged to do so.   Please contact us before submitting an abstract if you have any questions.