Third International Conference on Scattering of Atoms and Molecules from Surfaces

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August 23-26, 2016

University of Bergen, Norway, Department of Physics and Technology

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 9, 2016 (extended)

Registration Deadline: August 23, 2016 (extended)

The scattering of atoms and molecules from surfaces offers important practical and fundamental implications, for surface science and beyond. Applied aspects range from atom scattering as a tool to determine the structure and dynamics of surfaces and adsorbates on atomic length and timescales, over atom optics, to the understanding of elementary steps of heterogeneous catalysis, atmospheric and astrochemistry, and finally to hydrogen storage, fusion, and materials processing. Theory is challenged by the need to treat the energetics and dynamics of complicated many-body systems, often with open boundary conditions and pronounced quantum behaviour.

The Workshop SAMS-3 follows SAMS-1 which took place in October 2010 in Rehovot, Israel and SAMS-2 which took place November 2013 in Potsdam, Germany. The aim of SAMS is to establish a series of workshops as a regular platform to bring together leading experimentalists and theorists working in the general field of atom / molecule surface scattering and half-scattering, with the goal to exchange ideas and opening new directions.

Special topics to be covered in SAMS-3 include

  • Atom scattering from surfaces: From diffraction to atom optics and atom microscopy
  • Atomic and molecular hydrogen at surfaces
  • Complex scatterers and complex surfaces
  • Non-adiabatic effects in SAMS and photoinduced processes
  • Electronic structure theory for molecule-surface interactions