SDG Conference in Bergen

Presentations SDG 2019

PPT/PDF presentations from speakers at the 2019 SDG Conference Bergen are available here.

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Find PDFs of the PPTs/PDFs presented as part of the keynote speeches at the 2019 SDG Conference Bergen collected below, with PDFs from Dr. Jason Hickel, Dr. Tore Furevik, Mr. Silvio Funtowicz, Dr. Thierry Courvoisier, and Dr. Michael Zürn available. Mr. Funtowicz has also made his talking points available.

We ask those wanting references and sources for Dr. Hickel's presentation, to visit his website. You will find these references and sources in the written work posted on his website, as well as a link to The Divide.

Dr. Stefania Giannini did not have a PPT/PDF-presentation at the conference.

The PPT/PDF-presentation from Dr. Katherine Richardson will not be made available to download.