SDG Conference in Bergen
Day Zero

Fish to Mars

When Real Science makes you wanna scream like an Opera

Fish to Mars
Fish to Mars / Jarle H. Moe

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Fish to Mars is a unique collaboration, where true science meets true Norwegian metal with the goal of making an entire opera.

Metal music and marine research are inserted into the original story by author Peter Watts, the sci-fi writer known for keeping the underlying research correct.

Arild Brakstad, the creator of "Svartediket", the world's first black metal musical, and Professor Karin Pittman at UiB's Department of Biological Sciences, collaborated for three years to make this science opera, "Fish to Mars".

The opera is about our place in the universe, with today's climate change as the backdrop, and deals with mineral extraction, DNA data storage, gene editing, the origin of life, and the usual "alien" life forms.

The play follows Dr. Lola Larsen (Odette Tetlie) on her reluctant trip to the Mars colony to confirm an unusual finding. The play takes place in the near future, where the colonization of Mars is a fact at the same time that the state of the earth is affected by decisions made over the head of the public.

This performance is part of Day Zero of the SDG conference and is open to all.

This performance is supported by Academia Europaea.