SDG Conference Bergen
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Invitation to showcase your research at the SDG Conference 2023

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Paul S. Amundsen

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Dear PhDs and postdoctoral researchers,

The sixth SDG Conference Bergen will take place 8-10 February 2023 with the theme “A just transformation to a sustainable future” (see SDG Conference Bergen | University of Bergen (uib.no) for details). This fully digital conference provides new opportunities to present emerging and important research by motivated PhD students and postdoctoral researchers addressing the conference themes. We therefore invite all PhDs and postdoctoral researchers that are interested to present a digital videorecorded poster on your research and how it relates to the theme of the upcoming conference.

Digital poster details: 

•    Each PhD student or postdoctoral researcher may submit a (maximum) two-minute videorecorded poster (in English) by 31 January 2023.

•    The videorecorded poster could be you presenting orally into the camera your research, showing a presentation or other form of digital content using a combination of presentation techniques. This videorecorded poster should be of fairly high digital quality but may very well be recorded with your smart phone.

How to upload your digital poster:  

1)    The videorecorded poster is to be uploaded to dropbox here.

2)    By 3 February 2023 you will receive notification about whether your poster is accepted. If accepted, your videorecorded poster videos will be showcased in the conference platform and available for all digital participants to view. For technical questions regarding uploading the recording, please contact contact@kulturoperatorene.no

This is a great opportunity to share your research with a global audience and we hope to see your presentation at the conference!