The sequencing facility

Sample submission

Attention: when labelling your samples, do not use the characters "Ø", "Å" or "Æ", as the software we use will discard them.

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Opening Hours

The facility hours for telephone calls, advice and BigDye collection Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10 am and 14 pm.

Sample submission

    Samples must be labelled only with initials and a running number (ex. NN1,NN2, NN3 etc.). Samples marked with other format (ex: LK1-R, LK2-F...) will not be processed.. Do not sign your name up on the sample sheet unless you have delivered your samples.

    Your identification code, group leader, Institute/Dept. and project numbers must be included on the sample sheet together with any notes specific to your sequencing requirements. It is extremely important that this information is given otherwise the facility will not process your samples.
    Cleaning the extension products prior to sequencing is undertaken by the facility. Please deliver the sequencing reaction in a 20 µl volume. For 10 µl sequencing reactions make up the volume to 20 µl with water. Use a 0.2 ml PCR tube.

Delivering of samples by campus bus

The campus bus collects samples for sequencing from Haukeland and delivers them to HIB on run 2 ONLY.
Run 2 departs from Haukeland at 09:40 and arrives at HIB at 09:45.
The lab staff will take receipt of the samples.


Users must call the sequencing lab 555 84364 before sending off their samples with the campus bus.

The following information must be included otherwise the samples will NOT be processed:
Phone number
Group Leader/Budget Holder
Order Code (Bestiller kode) (UNI & UIB users)
Project Number
Sample Name (initials+running number)


Samples can be sent by a carrier to:

Sequencing Facility , MBI
University of Bergen
Thormølensgate 55
5008 Bergen, Norway

Please notify us in advance by phone or mail if you are sending samples.

Accessing Sequencing Data

The analysed sequencing data is obtained from the facility web server. Each institute/department has its own folder with a password. Information regarding retrieval of the sequencing data is saved on the server. You need to log in.

User name: Obtained from your group leader/budget holder
Password: Obtained from your group leader/budget holder

Sequence Storage

The sequences will be available on the web-site for 60 days, before the results are deleted. It is the responsibility of each user to retrieve their data in time.