UiB strategy work 2023–2030
strategy work

This is happening now

The strategy process is an important part of a vibrant university democracy. This autumn, an open and inclusive process will be arranged where employees and students are invited to contribute. Here are some important milestones.

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Eivind Senneset/UiB

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This autumn, the university management will visit all of UiB's divisions to discuss their challenges and future opportunities.

The actual design of the new strategy has started. The working group, led by deputy rector Pinar Heggernes, will have regular meetings throghout the autumn.

The Student Parliament is invited to get involved in the work through their regular meetings with the university management.

Input meeting and board seminar

The first input meeting for UiB's employees and students was held in March. Both individuals and research gropus professionals have also sent their contributions to strategi@uib.no.

In May, the strategy was on the agenda a University board seminar.

Want input from students and staff

The management emphasizes that all input from the organization will be included in the further work on a new strategy.

All of the professional environments are invited to take part in the process. 

The board adopts a new strategy in early 2023.