Integrated Master/Professional degree

Informatics: Data Science, Integrated Master's, 5 years

  • Years5 Years
  • ECTS credits300

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What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme the candidate should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The candidate

  • is familiar with the whole data science pipeline including preprocessing, data management analysis, learning, visualization, reporting, and operationalization
  • understands the data-generation process
  • have theoretical understanding of potential and limitations of data science methods
  • have solid knowledge on mathematics and statistics
  • have in-depth knowledge in one specific subfield of data science or application area of data science


The candidate

  • can design and manage data science projects
  • is able to choose appropriate tools and apply them in real-life scenarios
  • can interpret the results of data science pipelines
  • is able to implement complex computer programs

General competence

The candidate

  • Is able to work independently and in groups with advanced issues within the field of data science.
  • Critical and analytical view for own and others work
  • Able to extend own knowledge themselves
  • Be able to assess ethical aspects of the work
  • Can write reports and give oral presentations, following good scientific practice

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Joakim Birkelund
Data Science, integrated masters five years

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