Name of qualification

Master of Digital Culture

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for the Master's Programme in Digital Culture you need a bachelor's degree in Digital Culture or equivalent. You must hold a minimum of 80 ECTS in relevant courses such as Digital Culture, or equivalent.

Bachelor degrees from UiB that qualify:

Bachelor degree in Digital Culture

Other bachelor degrees that qualify:

Other bachelor degrees can qualify if you can document minimum 80 ECTS in Digital Culture or equivalent.

Applicants without a specialization in Digital Culture can qualify for admission by documenting that they have completed:

At least 60 credits in Digital Culture, or a similar technology-focused program based in the humanities or social sciences.

Applicants must also have another 30 credits that are relevant to their planned MA thesis. For instance, an applicant wishing to research electronic literature could document 30 credits of literary studies, while an applicant interested in gender and computer games might show that they have taken gender studies courses or ethnography.

Additionally applicants should include a 500-700 word statement that explains how their academic background and competence prepares them to do an MA in Digital Culture

Applicants are assessed individually by Digital Culture faculty.

You also need to document:

Average grade of minimum C (equivalent to Norwegian grade C)

Proficiency in English

Programme committee

Programme Committee for Digital Culture

Administrative responsibility

Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies.

Contact information