Frequently Asked Questions

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I struggle with loneliness, depression, anxiety or obsessions. What should I do?

If you think your mood has become heavy recently, or that you struggle with anxiety, obsessions or loneliness that affects you daily, we recommend that you speak with your GP. 

You can also contact the Mental Health Helpline (www.mentalhelse.no/fa-hjelp/hjelpetelefonen). The helpline also takes calls in English.

What is COVID-19 and how can I protect myself?

You can find information on UiB's corona page.

We also recommend the pages from the Directorate of Health (www.helsenorge.no/koronavirus)

And the pages from WHO (www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019)

How can I contribute?

You can help by participating in our survey and sharing it with your friends.

The most important thing now is to follow the government's corona-related regulations and recommendations,  including taking care of those around you. Keep in touch with your relatives and friends, especially the ones who may be feeling lonely.

Will I receive personal feedback on my survey answers?

No, we don't give personal feedback. However, you can follow this website for updates about the study results.

I want to withdraw from the study. How can I do it?

If you would like to withdraw from the study, please contact project manager kristen.Hagen@helse-mr.no. Your data will be deleted and any biological material destroyed.

I have already answered other questionnaires or have been asked to answer similar surveys. Should I still participate in this one?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to join us anyway. This survey focuses specifically on mental health and how you are coping. The focus of the other surveys will be different.

This study also looks at change over time, and we will include biological samples. 

We are currently collaborating with several of the other studies to create the most comprehensive survey.