Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics
Porous Media Tea time talk

Numerical modeling of fracture deformation and propagation in poroelastic media

Understanding fracture deformation and propagation in poroelastic media is central in development of geothermal systems. One of CSD's young scientists, Hau Trung Dang, gave a talk about the subject at the Porous media Tea Time series.

Session 21 - Hau Trung (University of Bergen) and Santanu Sinha (NTNU)

InterPore Young Academy

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This talk is part of InterPore's Young Academy initiative.

In this talk, Hau present a mathematical model and a numerical solution approach for coupling fluid flow and fracture propagation in porous media due to fluid injection. Deformation of the poroelastic medium is modeled by Biot’s equations, with deformation of existing fractures represented by contact mechanics. The maximum tangential stress criterion triggers propagation of fractures, and Paris’ law  governs the fracture growth processes. A multiscale simulation is implemented in which the poroelastic deformation of existing fractures is considered in a macro-scale by a finite volume method and the fracture propagation process in a micro-scale is considered by a finite element approach. Simulations with propagation, including cases with hydraulically and mechanically interacting fractures, are presented.