Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics
New team member

Ivar Stefansson is joining the CSD team

Dr. Ivar Stefansson recently joined the Department of Mathematics as a researcher. We met Ivar to talk about his previous and future involvements within the Porous Media Group and the Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics.

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Ivar you have been a member of the PMG in the last few years. Nevertheless, welcome!

Thank you so much! 

You recently did your PhD at the UiB. Can you tell us about your research?

My research is related to modelling and simulation of processes in fractured porous media. The three main processes of interest are fluid flow, heat transport and deformation of rock and fractures. I focus on the strong interaction between physical processes and rock structures such as fractures. For example how fluids can act as flow conduits and in turn are affected by changes in fluid pressure and rock temperature. 

In the coming years, you will be connected to the Center for Modelling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics. How do you foresee your role within the center?

I hope to take part in interdisciplinary activities and possibly interaction with other stakeholders in the applications we consider. As a longstanding developer of our simulation tool PorePy, I expect to take an active part in its further development and perhaps guidance for new members of the group.

Can you tell us a little bit about your main research interests – what are you passionate about?

I have worked quite a bit on fracture propagation for some time now and have found the topic intriguing, yet highly challenging. I also really believe in public outreach and popular science. I really hope I’ll be able to contribute more in this area than I did as a PhD candidate.