Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics
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Ingrid Kristine Jacobsen is joining the CSD

Ingrid Kristine Jacobsen is a new Ph.D. student at the Department of Mathematics and her project is part of the Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics. We met her to find out more about her background and the project.

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Ingrid, Welcome to the University of Bergen!

Thanks for a warm welcome to a new position! I am really looking forward to continuing my studies and work here for the next few years to come.

Since most of us don’t know you well, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am from a small town called Skudeneshavn, a couple of hundred kilometers south of Bergen, and I moved here in 2017 to start my studies at UiB. My course of study was the teacher program, and I chose mathematics as my main subject to study during this degree. This ended up in me doing a master’s in applied mathematics, with the title “Simulation of 3D hydrothermal circulation and application to faulted oceanic ridge systems” with Omar Duran and Inga Berre as my supervisors.

Why did you choose to pursue a PhD?

Quite early in the process of writing my master thesis, I realized that I enjoyed working on a larger problem like that. As there were several PhD positions listed at this point, it felt like a natural continuation of my studies to pursue a PhD. This feeling was strengthened by attending seminars and a conference this summer, as listening to other researchers really motivated and inspired me to do the same.

Your PhD project is part of the CSD, can you tell us a little bit about your project?

The project will consider mathematical modeling and simulations of friction between large, sliding surfaces of rock. A deeper insight into the mechanics of fracture slip is important for understanding risks of induced seismicity during, for instance, exploitation of energy from geothermal systems. I look forward to working on this project under the supervision of Inga Berre, Ivar Stefansson and Jan Martin Nordbotten.