Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics

Letter from the European Geothermal PhD Days

Our new Ph.D. student Isak Hammer went to visit TU Delft for the European geothermal PhD days 2024.

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This year, the European Geothermal PhD Days 2024 was organized by TU Delft, and, to say the least, the program was an absolute success with over 70 attendees from all over Europe. This event provided a unique platform for young researchers in Europe from various fields, including geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, drilling engineers, chemical engineers, and even mathematicians.  

As we, in our research group, primarily work on subsurface simulation technologies, this was a unique opportunity to broaden our view of how our methods fit into the full geothermal ecosystem. Not only does this ecosystem include reservoir engineering, but it also considers the techno-economical viewpoint, which is contingent on the infrastructure required. The common objective for all of us is to position geothermal energy as a superior and more affordable alternative for achieving CO2 emission targets. 

A key insight we learned is the relationship between geothermal production and infrastructure for energy transportation. Another important insight was the importance of including geochemistry in the models. For some geological structures, when a certain pressure and temperature threshold is reached, they start to release CO2 gases into the porous media dramatically affecting the connectivity.  

I would like to thank the “satsingsområdet Klima og energiomstilling ved UiB”  for funding the travel expenses. I would also like to thank the main sponsors for the event making for making the event possible. And lastly, an incredible job by the TU Delft organizing committee. 

See you next year at EGPD2025 in Hungary!