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R/V G.O.Sars

Offshore Wind - research cruise June 2022

Friday 10th of June R/V G.O. Sars set its course towards the southern North Sea to start UiB's first scientific cruise to investigate ground conditions for foundations and anchoring of offshore wind farms.

R/V G.O.Sars
Erlend A. Lorentzen (IMR)


The cruise is funded by the AKADEMIA-agreement and lasts for ten days. The cruise will acquire data from the two areas opened for offshore wind in Norway: Utsira Nord and Sørlige Nordsjø II. PhD candidate Hannah Petrie and master's students Simen Austgulen Grinde and Håvard Kolstø Jensen will analyze what is collected, but the results from the cruise will also form the basis for several future projects for ground conditions for offshore wind and marine infrastructure at UiB. Haflidi Haflidason leads the cruise, and Jo Brendryen and Stig Monsen are also involved and contribute with important expertise in marine operations and marine geology. In addition, two engineers from Bremen joins the cruise to operate the vibrocore equipment that is necessary to obtain core samples from the sandy seabed in the southern North Sea. This will be the first time we employ this equipment on the R/V G.O. Sars